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Save a Fortune on Your Life Insurance Premiums Cut your premiums in half, for the same coverage

If you have an insurance policy that is more than 5 years old, a number of top rated life insurance companies now offer guaranteed-premium policies with far lower premiums than old policies, assuming you qualify medically. Our staff includes a retired Surgeon and a Nurse Practitioner whose job it is to review your medical records in advance and contact your doctors if additional information is needed to clarify a health issue before we go to an insurance company. Unlike most agents who only apply to 1 or 2 companies, we go direct to the top highest rated 10 insurance companies that specialize in low cost insurance policies. We actually create an auction bidding market for you to get you the lowest premiums.

Recent Examples of saving our clients a fortune on their life insurance

Client Age

Old Death Benefit

New Death Ben.

Old Premium

New Premium

67/67 LTD




$6,000 to age 99

71 Male




$21,800 to age 91

78/73 LTD




$0 first 5 years

The above premiums saved, when compounded at a 5% savings rate, add up to a substantial amount that will be left to the heirs in addition to the Estate Tax Free and Income Tax Free Life Insurance Death Benefit.

Life Insurance Settlement

Sell Your Old Life Insurance Policy For the Most Money Possible Receive 3 to 5 times the cash value

Selling your old Life Insurance policy for the most money possible is a medical event, not a financial one. Our staff includes a retired Surgeon and a Nurse Practitioner whose job it is to use all so-called blemishes or imperfections in your health history, to persuade buyers to pay the most money possible for the policy. Unlike most agents who dabble in the life settlement marketplace, we go direct to all the buyers on your behalf. We create an auction bidding market for your policy that will get you the highest offer.

Recent Life Settlement Offers Our Team Obtained

Client Age

Insurance Co.

Death Benefit

Cash Offer

% of DB

77 Female





79 Male





79 Female





88 Male

Sun Life




Did you use premium financing to finance your insurance policy when you first got it? These are now the hardest policies to sell! Do not go to the life insurance agent who originally sold you this policy. Let our Physician-Controlled method get you the most money possible for your policy, and get you out of a potentially risky financial situation.

Keep your life insurance, and never pay premiums again. Itís now possible! The Shared Death Benefit Program

Are you over 70 and bought life insurance for Estate Tax liquidity needs years ago, but do not need it anymore because of the increased estate tax exemption, or you just donít want to pay the premiums? If so, the Shared Death Benefit Program lets you keep half of your life insurance death benefit for your family and you never have to pay any more premiums. The buyer pays all the future premiums for you as long as you live, and they get to keep half the death benefit when you die.

Recent Shared Death Benefit Offers Our Team Obtained

Client Age

Insurance Co.

Death Benefit

Shared Death Benefit Offer

75 Female



$2,500,000 policy & no premiums

79 Male



$1,000,000 policy & no premiums

Remember, on top of the Life Insurance above your family will receive, you also are saving substantial amounts of money that you would have paid in premiums each year.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

An irrevocable life insurance trust (an "ILIT") is an irrevocable trust created for the principal purpose of owning a life insurance policy. As with any other trust, the insurance trust is a contract between a grantor and a trustee to administer certain property, in this case an insurance contract for the benefit of named beneficiaries. One of the primary reasons for executing a life insurance trust is for estate tax considerations. If an ILIT is properly structured, the death benefits paid to the trust will be free from inclusion in the gross estate of the insured. In addition, the ILIT can also be structured so that the trust will provide benefits to the insuredís surviving spouse without inclusion in the surviving spouseís gross estate, either. A life insurance policy owned by an irrevocable life insurance trust can be a very effective planning strategy for spousal financial protection and estate liquidity.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust

An Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust ("ILIT") offers the opportunity of escaping taxes not just in one estate, but in several estates. The ILIT is typically a trust for the benefit of the spouse and/or children.

An life insurance policy that is placed in an ILIT is considered to have no owner. Thus, once placed in an ILIT, you do not have the power to change or cancel the life insurance policy.

If you already has a life insurance policy, ownership of the policy can be assigned (transferred) to the ILIT. This is done by signing an irrevocable assignment form available from the insurance company or from the agent. Proper completion of the form will indicate that the ILIT will be the new owner and the beneficiary.

Take note, however, that if the insured/transferor dies within three years of the date from which the policy was transferred, the life insurance proceeds will be included in his estate for tax purposes. This does not mean that the beneficiary will not receive the money, it merely means that your estate will have to report the proceeds as being part of your estate when computing the estate tax.

For this reason, where the insured has a spouse, the ILIT should usually contain a fail-safe clause, providing that if the insured/transferor dies within three years of the transfer of any policy to the ILIT, then the proceeds of such policies will be held separately under the ILIT and administered for the surviving spouse in a way that will qualify for the estate tax marital deduction.

This arrangement will render those proceeds tax free if the insured dies within three years and is survived by is spouse. The trade-off is that whatever is left of these proceeds will then be included in the estate of the surviving spouse. If the insured dies after a crucial three-year period, the fail-safe clause would not apply and the entire trust could provide for the family.

The three-year concern can be completely avoided if the policy is purchased at the outset by the trustee of the ILIT. This way there is no policy transfer, so no three-year period to worry about.



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