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Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors is the preeminent full-service, conservative wealth management, insurance and estate planner in South Florida. We focus on working with 60- to 80-year-olds with an emphasis on protecting what they have worked so hard to build. We are held to the fiduciary standard and are legally required to act in the best interest of our clients and their families and serve them with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

We are in the business of providing financial planning through the use of insurance and investment products for pre-retirees and retirees in the South Florida area. We provide comprehensive risk analysis and income analysis services as well.

We have a strong team of professionals helping ensure you receive all the assistance you need, not only in developing your retirement income strategy but also in maintaining it throughout your retirement.





Nationally Recognized Author, Speaker, Retirement Planner and President. Licensed for 26 years

Craig Kirsner, MBA, is a nationally recognized author, speaker and retirement planner, whom you may have seen on Kiplinger, Forbes, AT&T, Nasdaq.com, U.S. News & World Report, The Yahoo Finance Closing Bell Show, MSN Money, CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, Bankrate.com, Yahoo Finance, Wealth365.com and others.  Craig is the creator of the Preserve and Protect Retirement System.

Craig’s article “What is the Central Bankers’ Bubble and Will it Burst?” was featured on Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance, MSN Money, and others. This piece offers a frank risk assessment and additional ways for retirees to protect themselves and is included in his book.

Craig and his team at Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors have been designing strategies to help clients preserve, protect and pass on their wealth for over 26 years. Craig specializes in retirement planning for clients who want to make sure they don’t have more risk than they’re comfortable with in their retirement portfolios and retirement income planning to test clients’ income to see if it will last for the rest of their lives.

Craig is committed to every part of his clients’ plans being reviewed, attended to, cleaned up, completed and brought up to date. His direct, hands-on approach helps through all the tough planning decisions. Craig works hand in hand with estate planning attorneys to help ensure that your legal documents will accomplish your goals of leaving a legacy to your family.

Craig is a retirement planner and an Investment Adviser Representative. He has an MBA in finance from the Chapman School of Business at Florida International University and undergraduate degrees in finance and risk management from the University of Florida. He has passed the Series 63 and 65 securities exams and has been a licensed insurance agent for 26 years. Craig also published a book in late 2005 that predicted the collapse of the real estate market and the subsequent stock market crash.

Craig and his father were chosen to be keynote speakers at the Sun Sentinel’s Successful Aging Expo in May 2017. Craig also is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and is part of the Top of the Table level, which includes some of the top insurance professionals in the industry. Craig is married to Karen, and they have two sons and two Havanese dogs. Craig also has a daughter from a previous marriage. He’s active in a number of local charities. In 2007, he was awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, and in 2006, he was awarded “Volunteer of the Year” by Hands On Miami.

Stuart Kirsner is not affiliated with Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors.



Founder, Stuart Estate Planning

Stuart Kirsner is the founder of Stuart Estate Planning. He has over 46 years of experience in retirement income planning and life insurance matters with a true “Keep It Simple” approach. Stuart holds licenses in variable annuities and health and life insurance in Florida.

Stuart is widely respected for his ability to reduce complex insurance concepts into a readily understandable big picture point of view. He thoroughly enjoys getting intimately involved in various aspects of his clients’ estate planning and retirement income planning. The vast majority of our clients are retired and focusing on preserving their assets.

Stuart and his son, Craig, were chosen to be keynote speakers at the Sun Sentinel’s Successful Aging Expo in May 2017.

Stuart has been a 30-year member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) and has achieved 18 years as part of the Top of the Table level. The Top of the Table is an organization whose membership includes some of the world’s leading insurance planners.

Stuart resides in Boca Raton, Florida, and Asheville, North Carolina, with his wife, Cece. He has four sons, a daughter and four grandchildren whom he loves very much.



Director of Fixed Annuity and Life Insurance Underwriting

Natalie Bruce has over 10 years of extensive hands-on experience in the financial services industry. She is a licensed 215 Health, Life and Annuity Insurance agent in the state of Florida. Natalie is Stuart Estate Planning’s director of fixed annuity and life insurance underwriting and helps make sure all aspects of our clients' plans get implemented properly on the fixed annuity and life insurance/long-term care side of our business.

Formerly, Natalie was hired by Court Appointed Federal Receivers to help victims of a financial crime in the Financial Federated Title and Trust and Mutual Benefits Corporation Ponzi scheme cases dealing with life settlements. Natalie was commended for her assistance to the receivers in helping financial victims of crime recover and retain their life savings. She continues helping retirees and pre-retirees with their financial planning.



Director of Institutional Money Management Administration

Chabelie is Stuart Estate Planning’s director of institutional money management administration and helps make sure all aspects of our clients' institutional money management portfolio plans get implemented properly.

Chabelie graduated magna cum laude from FAU in early care and education and has over seven years experience in child development. Chabelie is a passionate individual who enjoys getting to meet new people and exploring new places. She has a charismatic, compassionate and loving personality, which is perfect for creating a warm, welcoming environment in our Coconut Creek office. Chabelie loves animals and taking her chow/husky on long walks. She is of Dominican descent and was born in Long Island, New York, but loves the Florida heat.



Director of Client Outreach

Shannon Newby is a native Arkansan with several years in the wealth management business. She has worked with advisors in Arkansas and Florida to assist in the management of securities, annuities, health insurance and life insurance. Shannon primarily oversees the follow-up management of seminar coordination, client satisfaction, and the welcoming of all prospects and clients at our Stuart Estate Planning retirement dinner workshops.

Shannon opened the office and was the sole assistant to the financial advisor who was named “Start-Up Business of the Year” award winner in 2013 by the Chamber of Commerce in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Shannon is happily married with one beautiful daughter and a son. She enjoys fellowship at Life Church in Wellington, weekends at Disney with her family, SEC Football, Florida’s beautiful beaches, kickboxing, spin classes and time with close friends. She is also a licensed wellness coach with The Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.



Nurse Practitioner, Assists with Medical Underwriting for Life Insurance and Life Settlement Clients

Cecelia Woodward is a retired nurse practitioner with more than 20 years of experience with a specialty in cardiac issues. Cece worked in both hospital emergency rooms and at doctors' offices before joining the Stuart Estate Planning team. She has her master's degree in nursing and has been fully licensed in the state of Florida since 1986.

When our clients are applying for life insurance, our team orders the medical records for them to help ensure this is done right, and no mistakes are made in this process. Cece can also review our clients' medical records as well.

When our clients are trying to sell their life insurance policy in a life settlement, Cece can use her medical expertise to highlight all the negatives in their medical records, so we can shop the marketplace and get the most money possible for them for the sale of their old life insurance policy.



Administrative Assistant

Dalia has her master's in psychology from Rafael Urdaneta University in Venezuela. She was a practicing psychologist in Venezuela and has worked with children for 11 years.

She moved to Florida in 2015 due to the political situation in Venezuela.

Dalia is married and loves to cook, read, travel and exercise.