Estate Planning: What Does “Per Stirpes” Mean?

Estate Planning: What Does “Per Stirpes” Mean? on

This old Latin term means keeping your assets in your family bloodline … or does it? Keeping wealth in the family is a priority for those who’ve worked hard to build it. But you can never be too careful when it comes to the distribution of your assets. The presumption that our direct heirs will…

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Estate Planning: Is a Will Enough?

Estate Planning: Is a Will Enough on

You may think that creating a will is the first and only necessary step in estate planning. It’s not. You should also consider creating a trust, appoint a power of attorney, and set up advanced directives. Creating a will is a good idea and an important step in legacy planning. But are you utilizing all…

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What Is Probate and Why Should You Endeavor to Avoid It?

What Is Probate and Why Should You Endeavor to Avoid It? on

The probate process can last for more than a year and can be expensive. By planning ahead, you can ensure that your estate won’t enter probate after your death. If a deceased person created a will before their death, the estate could enter probate after they die. The court oversees this process, which consists of…

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Target-Maturity Bond Funds and ETFs: Opportunities and Pitfalls

These investment vehicles have specific uses – such as building a bond ladder and diversification –but be aware of their limitations Target-Maturity Bond Funds and ETFs allow a person to access a portfolio of bonds with a targeted maturity date with a low-cost structure (in the case of ETFs) and, oftentimes, with low minimum investments.…

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My Financial Predictions For 2019 and Beyond

Just as I warned at the end of 2005 – that the Real Estate Bubble was soon to burst with a recession following – all that I have been warning about this year in my book and on Kiplinger, Yahoo Finance,,, my blog, and other websites have been coming true as well. It’s…

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Painless Ways to Downsize During Retirement

Painless Ways to Downsize During Retirement on

Tips to simplify your life and cut costs We’ve seen this movie before — sky-high stock prices, sky-high real estate prices and the Fed raising interest rates. We also saw how those times ended in 2001 and 2008. At this point, my retired clients want to simplify their lives. So, let’s talk about some painless…

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