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We’re committed to helping you make informed decisions about your financial future. This workshop is designed for those over age 60 who have $500,000 or more in retirement savings.

Upcoming Seminars

About Our Seminars

At Stuart Estate Planning Wealth Advisors, we hold informational seminars for our clients and the greater community that feature information on specific topics, such as retirement income strategies and life insurance. Often, our seminars include guest speakers and special activities, as well as take-home materials. We strive to keep you up to date on issues that matter to you, your family and your financial well-being. Whenever you attend a seminar, feel free to schedule a one-on-one, no-obligation meeting.

Advanced IRA & Retirement Planning Strategies for 2018

  • Learn how to create an Estate Plan designed to help protect the assets you leave to
    your Children and Grandchildren, protected from potential future divorces, lawsuits
    and creditor claims, and help ensure your assets stay in your family bloodline
    – presented by Jack Owen, Jr. Esquire, Estate Planning Attorney and CPA
  • Are you truly diversified? Or do you just think you are?
  • Learn tax-efficient strategies on your IRA or other retirement accounts
  • What are some strategies to help provide returns while working to reduce market risks?
  • The high costs of many mutual funds & variable annuities – what are you really paying?
  • Learn strategies designed to protect your retirement assets
  • Revenue Sharing: what is it & how can it affect your retirement planning?
  • Alternatives for today’s low-rate CDs and money market funds

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